Maypole Pork


traditionally reared rare breed pork


We are producers of rare breed pork from pigs, born and reared on our family farm in Bradfield St George, Suffolk.

Our pigs are reared in a traditional way spending much of their lives outside, with their welfare always being the most important thing.

Our pigs include, Gloucester Old Spots, Berkshires and Large Blacks, these rare breeds produce meat that is full of flavour. As well as creating great pork we are helping to ensure the future of these old fashioned British breeds.

We are a small family farm about 5 miles out of the market town of Bury St Edmunds. The farm is predominantly arable, growing crops including; Barley, Wheat, Sugarbeet and Oilseed Rape. We have a small herd of pedigree, rare breed sows who produce the piglets for fattening. We never buy in pigs to ‘finish off’, all our pork is from pigs born and reared on our farm. 

Our pigs largely live outside, coming in when they are due to give birth or the weather is bad during winter. None of our pigs are given routine antibiotics, only receiving them when they are needed. When buying our pork you can be sure exactly what you are getting, happy pigs really do taste better!