Our Pigs

The welfare of our pigs comes top of everything we do. All the pigs that produce our pork are born and spend their whole lives on our farm, so you can be sure of exactly where your food is coming from and that they have been well looked after. We never buy in pigs to top up the meat on offer, we sell only what we have bred and reared ourselves

Maypole Pork

Traditionally reared

Our pigs spend most of their lives outside doing what they’re born to do…rooting in the mud! Sows are brought inside to a cosy place to give birth, this is so we can keep a careful eye on the new-borns and keep them warm with a heat lamp. All pigs are bought inside on straw beds if the weather gets really bad in the middle of winter, sometimes it just gets too miserable for them and for us!

The outdoor lifestyle means the pigs grow slower and for longer whilst topping up their diet with tasty roots and leaves. This all creates pork packed full of flavour… happy pigs really do taste better

The Pig's Food

Our pigs are fed on a variety of things; they are fed some bought in pig nuts to ensure they are getting the vitamins and minerals they need. These are mixed with meal that is made from barley, wheat and beans grown here on the farm. An added tasty treat are waste apples and apple pulp from a local fruit juice producer, the pigs can’t get enough! When in season they also get some sugarbeet from the farm. This varied diet helps create our full flavoured pork.

Rare Breeds

Our pigs are all rare breeds either Gloucester Old Spots or Berkshires. These breeds are all on the Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist classed as Endangered, Vulnerable or At Risk. These breeds all suffered when the pork industry moved towards breeding pigs that would fatten quicker and were better suited to a fully indoor system. These breeds mature at a much slower rate than modern commercial breeds generally going to the butchers at around 8-10 months or more compared to 4-6 months in a commercial system. This ‘slow growing’ combined with the different fat content of these breeds makes for pork that’s full of flavour.

The only way to ensure the survival of these traditional breeds is simply to eat them! To find out more on the breeds please look at the RBST website.

Ours Sows

These two are where it all started… Our original ladies (Gerty and Mummy Pig)  arrived 3 years ago and have provided us with many wonderful piglets! Sadly we recently lost Gert, but Mummy Pig is still going strong. She has since been joined by May (Mummy Pigs daughter), Queenie, Freda, Dahlia, Ariel and Penelope. With our boar Albert.

Although we obviously want them to have as many babies as possible, the welfare of these girls are the priority and if they need some time to recover after a litter then they will be given that time. Our sows love nothing better than a tummy rub and a chat, both of which they get plenty of.

Weaners and Breeding Stock For Sale

We regularly have weaners available for sale, pedigree and birth notified or cross breeds.Sometimes we will have pedigree breeding stock available too. Gloucester Old Spot bloodlines include; Dahlia and Princess Freda, Berkshire bloodlines include; Royal Lustre, Lady, Mermaid and Namatjira.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if you’re completely new to pig keeping we’ll gladly try and share any knowledge we’ve gathered over the years and chat through your plans – happy to “talk pig” all day!

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